We were at the Campus Party Brasil 2012 and thought the Game area was new, going slow.. so we decided to try to make a game jam happen there.

We had only 3 days until the end, but we had our friends Onirê, Emanuel, the guys from and the guys from Game FM and the event’s and IGDA Rio’s support, so we decided to give it a try, since it was such a magnificent idea.

We started a WordPress blog – which you can check out here -, wrote a post to invite and instruct people and I made some images so that it look less lame. The theme? A song.

Looked like a really nice game jam! We posted at twitter, used the Campus Party tag, asked our friends to promote the story at their site. A guy even asked to meet us and see that it was true. Then he asked about a prize and I guess that’s all he wanted, because he never asked again. People could really just enjoy the fun sometimes…

We, Onirê and Emanuel decided to start making our games. We had reeeeally cute stories, like the drunk pissing man and stuff.

I suggested that we made a story about a rain drop that falls from the sky and has to “walk” through the streets and the drains, getting away from rats or other creatures till he finds sun that will get him back to the skies.

It’s actually based on a story my mom used to tell me when I was a child – which was just a cutest version of the rain cycle, but thanks anyway mom.

The graphics and the game are quite simple. I like that we made the game using only Photoshop to make the graphics and the boys finally were careful enough not to screw everything up by resizing without keeping proportion.

Our friends had work things to do and they couldn’t find an artist, so we ended up being the only ones to participate on the game jam.

It was a fun to make game, though, and I hope you like to play it.

You may download it here.
Enjoy! =)

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