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A warm management game about the pleasure of discovering the world for the first time! The game allows you to take a team of cute animals in exploring adventures. It’s set before the establishment of the scientific method and all characters have different knowledge and skill sets. Through research and experimentation, technology can be improved and you can reach farther in CurioLab’s world.

A strategy puzzle-RPG game with exploration and resource management of a scientific team in new ecosystems!


⚗️CurioLab first started from a scientific reaserch documentary. We wanted to replicate some of that sensation of discovering unknown things, going on expeditions and simply being a scientist.

To produce ⚗️CurioLab, we applied for StartupRio 2020, a government held accelerator program and were accepted and received a grant to develop a mobile MVP. The accelaration program has allowed us to add more people to our team and further develop our company.

In that time, we also planned for a PC version and have since started producing it and looking for funding.


  • Cute animal scientists and expedition adventures!
  • Crafting experiments and wholesome gameplay!
  • Guild quests for scientific research!
  • RPG style relationship system!
  • Adorable artstyle and music!
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