Sahara Penguins is a studio that counts with several repeating collaborators.

A little of our history:

     January 2011 we made our first game together, at Global Game Jam. The game itself didn’t work after the 48h. It was a real mess.

     But it was fun! We had never made anything by ourselves, used art software for a purpose bigger then practicing, met so many people with the same interests in such short time… we had no idea we could actually make a game!

     Since then, we’ve developed many games and we are quite proud as we can see our improvement. Recently we going for authorial games.

  • Swords ‘N’ Spells on hold, a Blockchain assets in a Real Time Tactics game!
  • CurioLab, a strategy puzzle-RPG game with exploration and resource management of a scientific team in new ecosystems!

     Here our games!




Any doubts, comments, critics, suggestions etc. please give us a heads up by email. 

Let’s talk 👋 Don’t hesitate to reach out.

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