This game was made at Brasil Game Jam 2011. It happened during Brasil Game Show 2011 and its an event in which 3-people teams from different universities have 40 hours to make a game.

(For more information on the event: Brasil Game Jam – Portuguese)

It was made by Rodolfo and the Thiers brothers, Lucas and Pedro, whom we’d like to thank very much! They both study Industrial Design at UFRJ and made really awesome pixel art graphics for the game. Actually they also have an indie game group studio just like us, the Double Dash Studio.

Kevin, the main character, has to defeat enemies, jump thru the gaps and manage to get the burger ingredients that trigger the Bacon Power (Flavour Explosion). All this with one single button: the space bar!
To make the game challenging and great to play, they relied mostly on Level Design and, although they didn’t quite finish the game due to the time limit, it turned out to be a pretty well-made demo that you’ll wish they make into a complete game.

Click here to download “Kevin”.

You may also check out the other game we made at Brasil Game Jam here.

Thanks and Enjoy! =)

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