This game was made during a game jam like workshop at the brazilian 21st National Design Meeting (NDesign – Portuguese).

This was part of a series of workshops and we had 5 hours to make a 4-colors max. pixel art game in (Construct2).

I (Rachel) made a group with Rudá and other three people: Rafael Drelich, Françoise Siqueira and, whom we’d like to thank.

We began the workshop choosing six words. Two characters, two scenaries and two objects. After that, each group had to pick one of each criteria and use those three words as theme. We picked “aborigine”, “freezer” and “cupcake” and decided to make a game about an aborigine that was stuck inside a cold freezer and had to climb and walk thru the food and stuff to get to the thermostat. The more he stayed there, the weaker he became and the cupcakes helped him get a little strength, though they also slowed him down.

It’s a simple and nice game and you can click here to play.

Thanks! Have fun! =)

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